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District 25 Documents

District Business Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Other Items of Interest

PreCon Material

Greetings All,

…TY to our GRs and/or designees for disseminating  info fr me thr yr email/phone trees or whatever yr group has decided to do for lines of communication.

You will find Shelly, our Area Alt Chairs email request and  her attachment[s]. 

A… "KBDM" attachment … can b found in (1) D25 Agenda Feb attachements fr me, (2) and/or (3) WA Wanderings fr

As always if you have any Q plz do not hesitate to contact me (again text and ph gets a quicker response fr me).

I look forward to seeing our GR's represent our memberships group conscience and voting at Pre-Con.  

I will b there in person as I have some service duties and other things going on.  

Plz text me even in the middle of the conference, esp if yr zoom or things arent going well.  

We have a new Area communications chair and expect it to go "swimmingly". 

I can help give them feedback and clarify things in real time if you text me. (I always sit in the back as this is a conference for our GRs and/or their designees to be center stage).

TY for representing D25 and its membership in trust and goodwill.

C U soon..

As always, I hope this finds you well.

Yrs In Service,

Juliana, DR25/A59

Hello All.


Attached are all the documents for the PEM Presentation. 

DRs, please forward this to all your GRs to look at.                                   As you can see, the KDBM section has been sent in Word format and PDF format. 

Note that this presentation will be on the PreCon agenda and shared again during that time. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Thanks so much!


In Service and Gratitude,


Shelly T. - PEM Committee Chair

WA Area Alt. Chair-Panel 62

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December 2022

Business Agenda




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Feb`23 Area World Service Committee (AWSC) Meeting

Proposed 2023 Dist.25


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Tech Rpt 12/22

November 2022

Business Agenda

Revised Treasurer Rpt.

TechAdmin Report 11/22

October 2022

Sep. Treasurer Rpt.

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Web T.F. Options

September 2022

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2022 budget revised

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