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Al-Anon Literature

Al-Anon Conference Approved literature can be obtained directly from the District—remember, when you buy from your local Literature Distribution Center, you support your local services. In addition to local services, local purchases also support the Al-Anon World Service Office (WSO) and the Al‑Anon fellowship worldwide. Literature can be ordered from WSO directly. (See our "For Members" page for newsletter subscriptions…)

New Reader:


More than Daily Readers…

• With many different Al‑Anon/Alateen Conference-approved books, booklets and pamphlets to choose from, on a wide variety of topics, there is an abundance of options. The Al‑Anon website includes samples of several Al‑Anon/Alateen books that can be sampled to help determine what to choose. Just click here. Or, go to al‑ in a web browser and click the menu-bar on “Members” and then choose the “Literature” sub-menu…

• "The Forum" – "a meeting in your pocket" – is an international monthly publication of Al-Anon Family Groups that offers additional help and hope—members share their challenges, insights, and progress along the path of self-discovery and spiritual growth, costing $11/year in North America. It also includes topics for discussion at meetings, as well as news and information from Al-Anon’s World Service Conference and the WSO. To subscribe, make a free account, and log at this WSO page, and follow the next linked messages…


Conference-Approved Literature Samples

On the WSO Member-Resources Literature page, the button for "Conference-Approved Literature" goes to a page describing various available documents, with buttons leading to sample text… 


Essential Material

Essential literature for newcomers – "Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism" – is discussed on our "New to Al-Anon?" page, and essential literature for members of Al-Anon and Alateen is listed here at WSO.


Digital Products—Electronic/Audio Books and Downloads

Ordering Al-Anon ebooks and audiobooks through the links to

Digital Products in the Al-Anon Online Bookstore ensures that you are getting genuine Conference-Approved material authorized by Al-Anon for electronic, digital publishing. Also, free downloadable Al-Anon Literature is available via this link to the WSO website

Order Conference Approved
Literature from District:

When you buy from the local LDC, you support your local Al-Anon services…

Print out & fill out both this CAL linked 

 literature price list (S-16), from WSO

and this attached District Literature Order


Send check & both forms to District 25 LDC as directed…

District 25 lit-order-form

( direct link to WSO ordering— )

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